Offshore Fishing Gameplan   This is a comprehensive offshore fishing plan for you to take and execute on your own boat.  You provide the dates(s), location, and preferences.  The following are included:

  1. NOAA, Intelicast, Bouy report weather forecast

  2. Target waypoints with distance calculations

  3. Temperature charts of target waypoints

  4. Recommended Gameplan tailored to your vessel and desired species.

  5. Recommended lure spread



If weather does not allow you to go, you can have up to four rescheduled plans, at no additional charge.

Please inquire for pricing     

Trolling Birds  Coming soon    



Cod Jigs  Coming soon


66- Pound blocks of ice  Limited supply

$ 20 per block

Call Captain Duane Gelzer at (508) 375-0339 or email