Exciting trips, from which you may choose.  Or, tailor a trip to your liking!

No fish, No fee, Guarantee!

Striped Bass charters (May and June only)  This is the time of year to catch lots of hungry and aggressive newly arriving Stripers!  The fish are very active, feeing on the abundance of Nantucket sound squid, herring and mackerel.  Frequently we don't have to travel beyond Bishop and clerk's, Great Island, and off Hyannis.  If we opt to visit the islands (Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket), there is usually wonderful fishing in the swift moving rips.

Up to three anglers


$325  for 3 hour weekday evening trips 

$375  for 3-4 hour weekend trips

$450  for 5 hour weekend trips 

Bluefin Tuna charters or guide service on 30-pound class standup gear (June and July)  Come June and early July, east of Chatham and/or south of Martha’s Vineyard, the school Bluefin Tuna (25 to 200 pounds) make their appearance.  We have had considerable success catching these hard fighting fish, on relatively light tackle.  Most of my standup gear is spooled with 40 pound test monofilament, and if conditions are right, there are opportunities to catch these fish on spinning or conventional casting fishing gear! 


Up to four anglers on our 26' Regulator Express



$795  for a full weekend day


$40/hour for guide service aboard your boat

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Chatham Cod (June - October, weekends only)  All day fishing for Cod (or combo Cod and Bluefin), off Chatham.

Up to three anglers


$ 795  for a full weekend day

Canyon Guide Service (July - October, any day of the week)  This is the ultimate offshore adventure, on your own boat!  We could catch Yellowfin, Longfin, Big Eye, White and Blue Marlin, and Mahi Mahi.  There's even a chance for Swordfish, Wahoo, Bluefin and more!  All tackle provided.

$ 695  for overnight Canyon trip.   Bait, ice, lost tackle extra.

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Canyon Charter/Commercial Fishing (July - October, any day of the week)   The ultimate offshore adventure, on our Regulator 26 Express.    We target tuna to bring to market, which keeps your cost low.  We troll for the first afternoon; anchor and eat, then chunk at night; and get back on the troll before first light - when the best action usually happens!

Up to three anglers

$1,800 for overnight Canyon trip.  Clients take home one fish each.  Prior arrangements and price adjustments are readily accommodated for those wishing to take home more (or less) fish.

No smoking please.  Absolutely no drugs or hard liquor tolerated.

Get more information by either  Calling Captain Duane Gelzer at (508) 375-0339 or emailing me at dgelzer@comcast.net