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On August 4, 2002, Jeff hooks up with a huge Blue Marlin, aboard Mike's 31 foot Bertram.  While Greg videotaped from the tower of the Bertram, Brian and I tried to videotape, from my boat, the 23 foot Kilimanjaro.  These images were extracted from videotape footage shot by greg.  Jeff was the angler, Mike the captain, Chris the expert helmsman, and Greg the videographer - all of whom were aboard the Bertram.  The marlin was fought for over 1.5 hours, and brought boatside several times, when it would make these type of greyhounding runs, off into never-never land.  As we thought the fight was near completion, we drew closer to the Bertram, only to discover that this big fish wasn't done.  Eventually, big blue chafed through the 400 pound test leader, and made his final departure, but not before this close encounter with us!

Photographs courtesy of Greg and Jeff (aka Babalu4). 

cropped_bluemarlin 8402a.JPG (27040 bytes)

Estimated 680 pound Blue Marlin fought by Mako II, bolts off towards the Kilimanjaro

cropped_bluemarlin8402b.JPG (25924 bytes)

Mr. Marlin and I make our aquaintance!

cropped_bluemarlin8402c.JPG (24388 bytes)

I narrowly escape being shishkebab!