BOAT_new_me_driving.JPG (46956 bytes)

2001 Regulator 23, before the addition of the T-Top.

in_yard2.jpg (37967 bytes)

Just prior to launch 2001.

vineyard_docks.jpg (95624 bytes)

Oak Bluffs Harbor, with 36 foot Brownell named "Haywire", in background.

splashgate2.jpg (36283 bytes)

Incredibly sturdy custom made splashgate, with built in cutting board

splashgate3.jpg (28870 bytes)

Splashgate takes up only 3 inches of cockpits space, with engines fully tilted.

 RegulatorPeteAmberWaquoit_fixed.jpg (51332 bytes)

Waquoit Bay, Falmouh MA

reg23_elizabeths_fixed.jpg (42040 bytes)

Fishing in Vineyard Sound near Elizabeth Islands (6/8/01)

reflections_2.jpg (139876 bytes)

Return trip from Hydrographer Canyon (8/11/02)

upper&lower_electronics.jpg (48208 bytes)