Here's some of the catch from the 8/10/02 - 8/11/02 trip to Hydrographer Canyon

DerrickTunaNight1_cropped.jpg (44452 bytes)

Derik takes an 80 pound yellowfin on his 30 weight reel.  With calm seas, and the two boats rafted together, it's common to hook up on one boat, and land the fish on the other, as was the case with this beauty!

BrainSpinTuna3.jpg (130851 bytes)

Brian battles a nice yellowfin at night, on spinning rod

BrianResult_cropped.jpg (60888 bytes)

Brian proudly displays his prize.

NightVisitor_cropped.jpg (52796 bytes)

A small Mahi Mahi, hung around the pair of rafted boats much of the night, but wouldn't eat.

my_night_tuna_brightened.jpg (168935 bytes)

My first ever night time caught tuna.  I hooked up on the Kilimanjaro, but landed the fish on the Maria Sophia, which was rafted up with us.

Brian_bloody_fish.jpg (29951 bytes)    Mike_yellowfin.jpg (30649 bytes)

Brian and Mike with a couple of good yellowfin, on the morning troll.

DuaneFishMorning_bright.jpg (156860 bytes)

I connect with a morning yellowfin, as well.

Duane_yellowfin.jpg (19825 bytes)

Another yellowfin, later in the morning.