Here's pictures from the 9/6/02 - 9/7/02 trip to Hydrographer Canyon

102-0261_IMG.JPG (574477 bytes)

Joe hoists his nice longfin albacore.  It was one of a trippleheader

102-0262_IMG.JPG (434370 bytes)

Jay holds up his 'core.

102-0264_IMG.JPG (514509 bytes)

I hold up two of the three 'core.

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Joe gets a big yellowfin, on the nightime chunk!  Reasonable seas allowed us to raft up with the Maria Sophia.  Joe hooks up on the Kilimanjaro, but lands his trophy on Tony's boat.

102-0273_IMG.JPG (335413 bytes)

Jay won't be outdone, as he shows off his nightime trophy.  Here's another case of hooking   up on the Kilimanjaro, but boating the fish on the Maria Sophia, to which we were rafted.

102-0277_IMG.JPG (555195 bytes)

The only Mahi we caught, though there were lots of finicky ones we couldn't fool.

102-0280_IMG.JPG (515357 bytes)

Good yellowfin taken on the shelf water, as we trolled towards home.