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As seen on two On The Water TV shows!

Season 1 Show 5: Offshore Yellowfin Tuna with Jay Baver

Season 3, Episode 4: Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

Do you want to fish the Canyons for Yellowfin, Longfin, Marlin, and Mahi, but aren't sure how?  Would you like a winning gameplan for your own fishing expedition which includes consideration of weather, temperature breaks, and biological indicators?  Not sure of how to put out an enticing lure spread?  Want to catch School Bluefin east of Chatham?  Need professional help preparing for a big trip, Captain for hire, and/or help working the cockpit?  Maybe you need everything from soup to nuts?  If so, call Captain Duane Gelzer to discuss your needs in a friendly and relaxing manner.

We offer spring time Striped Bass fishing, and offer light tackle stand-up fishing for tuna for the summer and early fall.  Choose either charters trips, guide service, or order your own personalized comprehensive "game plan" to get you into the fish!  This includes weather forecasts, up to date temperature charts, waypoints (in Lat/Lon), recommended techniques, and working the cockpit.  No fish, no fee for all services!  


"Two of the best things about fishing with Duane are that he knows how to find and catch fish and wants those on board to have a great time with him.   He's a captain that understands the ocean and always makes you feel safe and secure with him at the helm." - Angie Wilkerson.

"Distinct competence, period.  When you're fishing with Duane Gelzer, you're fishing with a captain who'll take you on a fascinating learning adventure you can look back on with fond memories.  And, you'll always look forward to fishing with him again.  I've been fishing salt water for nearly 40 years, and I can't believe how much I learned from a single trip with Duane." - Joe Grzyb.

"I've chartered boats for over 10 years and never have I encountered more of a gentleman than Captain Duane Gelzer.  Captain Gelzer not only puts you on fish, but he does it with an enthusiasm and passion for the sport, that is only rivaled by his desire to make the entire experience enjoyable for all" - Jay Baver, On The Water TV Producer.

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Captain Duane Gelzer

US Coast Guard 50 Ton Master

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Getting ready for the morning troll at Hydrographer Canyon.        Mike gets a nice Yellowfin as a result!

Pictures from early this season (2007)

Sam, Heather, and Charles display some fine Striped Bass caught June 10th at Bishop and Clerks